Body Missing Web Site / Credits
Prototype sponsored by the Special Projects Programme of the International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA95), and presented at Montreal, September 18 - 22, 1995.
Artists and Writers:
Vera Frenkel, Toronto
Joanna Jones, Frankfurt
Alice Mansell / Mickey Meads, Halifax
Bernie Miller, Toronto
Piotr Nathan, Berlin
Jeanne Randolph, Toronto
Daniel Olson, Toronto
Judith Schwarz
Betty Spackman / Anja Westerfrölke
Michel Daigneault
Stephen Schofield

Four songs by Vera Frenkel,
arranged for piano and played by Michael Century;
orchestrated by Elyakim (Peter) Taussig
Piano medley first arranged for the documenta 9 Transit Bar
and played on the Disklavier by Stan Zielinski.

Vera Frenkel / Zone Productions
With the support of:
With partial programming assistance from:
  • The Ontario Arts Council
  • The Toronto Arts Council
Special thanks to:
  • Xene Daüda Axis
  • Peter Pawlyschyn, Matrix Arts Network
  • Bruce Pennycook, Director, Graduate Studies (Theory), Faculty of Music, McGill University
  • Yamaha Music Ltd. and Yamaha Europe

James Allan, Montreal
Steev Morgan, Toronto
Laura Padgett / Günther Eismann, Weimar
Günther Gessert, Linz
David Bruce/ Martin Holmberg, Guelph
Michael Doerfler/ Stefan Müller, Bremen

Swedish web site:
Programmer: Tore Nilsson
Production Resources: Eberhard Höll
Project Facilitator: Steve Dixon
Page Coordinator: Mats Hjelm

Konrad Skreta, Location Sound Engineer

Production Assistance:
Daniel Olson, John Marriott

Isaac Applebaum, Dirk Bleicker, Vera Frenkel, Dieter Schwerdtle and participating artists.

All the artists, especially Bernie Miller, Daniel Olson, Jeanne Randolph; research assistant, Anna Wieler

Archival image sources:
Roxan, D., Wanstall, K., The Jackdaw of Linz, London 1976
Simon, Matila, The Battle of the Louvre, New York, 1971
Valland, Rose, Le front de l'art: défense des collections françaises, 1939-1945, Paris 1961
Kunstverlag Akermann, Verlorene Werke der Malerei; In Deutschland in der Zeit von 1939 bis 1945, Bernhard, M., Ed., Munich, 1965


Other Sources: The Body Missing video installation in the exhibition Andere Körper at the Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz, Austria, 1994.

"... from the Transit Bar", now said to be in Linz, was built at documenta 9, 1992, and reconstructed at the Power Plant Art Gallery, Toronto, in 1994 and at the National Gallery of Canada in 1996, before being toured by Rijksutställningar through Scandinavia and Poland in 19997-98.