Parts of conversations overheard last week in the Transit Bar:


(I was working behind the counter when the three of them came in. Their usual table was occupied so they settled at the bar.)

  • We found the list, one of the women said.
  • There are so many lists, said the man, only half-interested.
  • See for yourself. (He could see she was going to insist.) This is the key document. November 10, 1938. Stamped with the date and there is supposed to be a signature somewhere.
  • Stamped here in Linz?
  • Vienna, she said. Delivered to the Schillerplatz loading dock that morning. Here, the signature is on the last page.
  • It's just a scrawl. I can't read it. It's not clear. (And to himself I heard him say: Enough. I don't want any more of this. But he remained silent.)
  • It's clear enough for me, she went on. It establishes that the crates were delivered and when. This is what we needed to know before beginning.