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More information about Turnitin and how it can help promote academic integrity

To use Turnitin, instructors should first obtain a valid Turnitin account ID and Turnitin join password from Registration information and links to Turnitin user guides

We hope instructors will find Turnitin helpful. However, we want to be very clear that there is no obligation for anyone to use the service. Use is strictly voluntary.

Some advantages to using Turnitin:

  • It can encourage students to use and cite sources in an academically appropriate and ethical manner
  • Professors/instructors can quickly identify how much material submitted in an assignment was gathered from the Internet
  • It may diminish the time taken by faculty/instructors to track down sources used in essays, etc.
  • It can act as deterrent to students who may otherwise be tempted to use sources incorrectly/inappropriately, and thereby diminish the incidences of academic dishonesty in courses
  • It can help ensure that the work submitted by a student is the student’s own work
  • It can help advance the academic reputation of the course, the program and the university, making the degree potentially more valuable to the student and to employers of students
  • It can aid in the identification of collusion by students.
  • In addition to helping enhance academic integrity, the service provides a site where class notes can be posted and where faculty/instructors can set up a calendar to notify students of deadlines for assignments

What Turnitin does not do:

  • When used as suggested, and students voluntarily submit their work directly to Turnitin, the process does not breach the IP rights of students.
  • The service does not breach confidentiality—through the privacy pledge of, the student ‘s personal information and uploaded papers will not be released without the student’s and/or professor’s permission, and the professor's permission is only in relation to the process of the professor assessing and grading the assignment
  • It does not determine whether or not a charge of plagiarism should be laid- that is determined solely by the professor/instructor.

Please note that York's institutional license for Turnitin is for the Plagiarism Prevention Tool. Additional services offered by Turnitin, such as peer review, grademark, gradebook and digital portfolio are not part of York's licensing agreement.

For more information on Turnitin: