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For Students » York's Senate Policy on Academic Honesty

York's Senate Policy on Academic Honesty

All students should be familiar with York's Senate Policy on Academic Honesty, which defines and clarifies York's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of academic honesty. The policy:

  • Recognizes the general responsibility of all faculty members to foster acceptable standards of academic conduct and of students to be mindful of and abide by such standards
  • Defines what are considered academic offenses, including plagiarism, cheating, impersonation, and other forms of academic misconduct
  • Defines the penalties that can be given to students found to have committed plagiarism or any other form of academic offense
  • Outlines the procedures for dealing with students who are accused of committing an academic offense

While it is recognized that there are many pressures on students that may lead to academic misconduct, such as achieving high grades, meeting deadlines. Nevertheless, despite these pressures, each student has clear responsibility for his or her academic honesty.