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For Faculty » Using Honour Codes in the Classroom » Sample Class Code of Conduct

Sample Class Code of Conduct

(for SBCC 1000.06)

I understand that the learning goals for this course include the following:

Business History

By the end of the course, students will be able to identify relevant historical forces and to apply an understanding of these forces to their reasoning about the present and future; they will understand and be able to analyze the origins of business in Canada and this country's involvement in extra-national political and economic arrangements.

Business Ethics

By the end of the course, students will understand and be able to explain in their own words some of the major ethical theories, including those related to utilitarianism, rights, and justice. They will also be able to apply these theories in conducting analyses and constructing moral arguments relevant to making ethical business decisions.

Critical Skills

Throughout the course, students will develop their written and oral communication skills, critical thinking skills and computing skills. They will learn to present and analyze arguments, to make formal presentations, to work in teams, to facilitate the learning of others through class participation and generally to direct their own learning in the context of the course goals.

I understand that I have a responsibility to facilitate the achievement of these learning goals by both myself and others in the class, and in order to do so, I agree to abide by the following: 

  1. I will respect my classmates and contribute to the learning of the group.
  2. To the best of my ability, I will complete the reading before each class.
  3. I will participate in class discussions, while showing consideration for other members of the class who wish to make contributions.
  4. In preparing group projects, I will make a fair contribution to the group effort.
  5. When my view differs from one offered by another in the class, I will present my view in a way which is respectful of the thoughts and feelings of others.
  6. I will consider any constructive criticism from my instructor or classmates, on the understanding that we all have room for improvement.
  7. I will keep my instructor informed of any problems or challenges which interfere with my achievement of the course learning objectives.


(student signature)