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Sample Class Honour Code

As a member of this class and of York University, I commit myself to the following values:


York University, and we in this class,  are committed to the development of the individual student in terms of intellectual growth in the disciplines and subjects of chosen study and the associated critical skills. The value of education is threatened by cheating, plagiarizing etc. because the student thereby fails to undergo the experiences and the activities which give rise to that intellectual growth.  Also, and to the extent that cheating occurs and is known to occur at York, those who look to a York degree as an indicator of development and the achievement of those skills, must do so with some degree of doubt about any individual who possesses that degree.


York is committed to scholarship which is the production of knowledge at every level.  Your professors are engaged in creating knowledge in their fields, as are you as students, particularly in the later years of your programs and in graduate schools.  Similarly the assignments you work on in earlier years are “apprentice” work within the fields—helping you to understand the ways in which knowledge is created in the various disciplines.  Citation practices are crucial to this enterprise—not only in giving credit for the intellectual work of others but also in providing your reader with the means of understanding more fully and following up on the sources that you have used.  A failure to acknowledge sources undermines the commitment to scholarship.


York is committed to helping you develop the intellectual skills and the contextual knowledge which will allow you to assess alternatives and function as active citizens within Canada and the world.    


As part of the educational process, students receive grades for the work of the course.  It’s important that students be judged fairly—not only in reference to other students but also in terms that reflect their real abilities and skills.  Clearly when a student has not done the work for the course, but through buying an essay or other forms of cheating receives a grade that reflects that work was done principles of fairness are violated.

I understand that I have a responsibility to maintain these values, and in order to do so, I will not engage in any form of cheating or academic dishonesty as defined by York’s Policy on Academic Honesty


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