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May 28, 2002




Opening Remarks

Nancy Johnston, University of New Brunswick at Saint John


Opening Address

Brian Kane, Columbus College of Art and Design
"Hal Foster: Prince of Illustrators"


Session I: Fantastic Influences

Dominick Grace, Algoma University College
"Gotlieb's Golems"

Brian Swail, University of Manitoba
"Towards a Fabulous Canadian Literature: David Arnason and Thomas King"

Jean-Louis Trudel, UQAM
"The Influence of Jules Verne on French-Canadian Science Fiction"


Session II: Performing Canadian SF

Adam Guzkowski, University of Toronto
"Beyond Bodies and Boundaries: (Post)Modern Dance in Spider and Jeanne Robinson's Stardance"

Nancy Johnston,
University of New Brunswick at Saint John
"Jim Monroe's Angry Young ESL Teacher"


Session III: Politics and Identity in Canadian SF

Douglas Ivison, Memorial University/University of Western Ontario
"'Toronto, the world within a city(tm): Nalo Hopkinson's Brown Girl in the Ring as Postcolonial Urban Renewal"

Allan Weiss, York University
"Politics and Identity in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and Helene Holden's After the Fact"


Reception: Celebrating Judith Merril

Dianne Newell, University of British Columbia
"Merril on Science Fiction, History, and Revolution: 1968"

Emily Pohl-Weary
"Judith Merril"