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June 9, 2007



ACCSFF '07 was a particularly lively conference, with exciting talks by our author and scholar keynote speakers and papers covering a broad spectrum of topics.  Peter Watts discussed the role of science in science fiction, and offered provocative comments using provocative language.  Peter Fitting provided us with insights into the history of SF scholarship, narrating its development from early, tentative studies to the range of approaches and interests we see today.

There were six papers, and in a departure from earlier conferences the presenters dealt far more with film and fantasy than with  science-fiction literature.  As you can see from the program, papers focused on filmmakers and authors like Don McKellar, Guy Gavriel Kay, Charles de Lint, and William Heine.

The staff of the Merril Collection, led by Collection Head Lorna Toolis and librarian Annette Mocek, once again did a splendid job assisting with the facilities and refreshments.  David Cheater  returned to help out as a volunteer, and other members of the Friends of the Merril Collection, like Hari Shanmugadhasan, contributed their time and labour as well.  Our gratitude to all!  Financial assistance was provided again by the English Department of York University and the Friends of the Merril Collection.