June 6-7, 1997



Judith Merril

Judith Merril opened the event with her keynote address the night before the conference, making some provocative comments about the role of scholarship in the field.  After the address, Veronica Hollinger chaired a panel discussion on Canadian fantastic fictions.

Guy Gavriel Kay

The conference began with Guy Gavriel Kay's address, followed by five sessions, including a special session on the work of Phyllis Gotlieb.  During the latter, Allan Weiss, Chair of ACCSFF, presented Ms. Gotlieb with a certificate honouring her for her lifelong contribution to Canadian science fiction and fantasy.  Other sessions focused on such topics as nationalism, feminist utopias and dystopias, and the work of William Gibson.  The proceedings of the conference were published as Perspectives on the Canadian Fantastic, a volume bringing together most of the papers presented.