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Steelpan Music


The Afropan Steelband is a Toronto-based community organization, which is a pioneer in establishing school programs, staging concerts, and forming new bands. Under the leadership of Earl La Pierre and Elton Jones, the band enjoys great popularity, particularly in the annual Caribana festival. As the oldest steelband in Toronto, it is highly respected by other panists and supported by the larger community.

Earle Wong

Master pan tuner Earle Wong entered the steelband movement as an altopan player and is co-founder of the Tobago Allstars. Wong supplies steelpans to the Boards of Education and also to individuals in Metro Toronto, across Canada and the U.S.

Ian Jones

Jones is an accomplished pan player, arranger, composer, producer, musical director and educator. He has scored many theatre productions and arranged and produced recordings for various Caribbean artists. He has been a recipient of the Award of Merit from the City of Toronto.

The Panatics Steelband Network

The Panatics Steelband Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of steelband music in Ontario. There is a distinctive family orientation to this steelband since a large portion of its membership consists of parents and their children. Mr. Layne Clarke, founding member and musical director has guided this group since its existence. Their performances have been featured on the television news, and at community functions in Ontario, but the highlight of their year is their annual Christmas concerts. Their latest venture is a joint project with the folk group "La Petite Musicale of Toronto" and is entitled, "Christmas All Year."