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Hiroshi Sugimoto
5 September – 29 October 1995

The Art Gallery of York University presents an exhibition of photographs by the internationally acclaimed Japanese artist, Hiroshi Sugimoto. The exhibition consists of an exceptional selection of black and white photographs taken by the artists between 1979 and 1994, from the series: Day and Night Seascapes; Interior and Drive-In Theaters; Dioramas; and Wax Museums: Movie Stars, Figures and Murder Rooms. In his series of photographs of movie theatres, Sugimoto time exposed his film to the precise length of the movie being projected. The resulting photograph documents the movie's passage of time as a radiant rectangle of white light, where it literally vanishes from the screen. By recording the dioramas' and wax figures' dramatic suspension of time, Sugimoto reveals our desire to discover evidence of timelessness. His photographs of the ocean and sky evoke the existence of the infinite-something ceaseless and larger than what is recorded within the frame. It can be said that Sugimoto's work is about the unalterable passage of time and the acceptance of mortality, rather than the possibility of timelessness. His work is a major departure from social documentary and formalist concerns, the two most honoured traditions in photography.

This premier exhibition in Canada is organized by the Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal with assistance form The Japan-Canada Fund and the Conseil des arts de la communauté urbaine de Montréal. We gratefully acknowledge the Japan Foundation and the Japanese Consulate in Toronto for their kind support.

The Art Gallery of York University is one of the few university galleries in Canada that offers its resources to students enrolled in the graduate programs in Visual Arts. Each year, the AGYU hosts two MFA thesis exhbitions. These exhibitions showcase the work of advanced students in this program, preparing them for their ongoing careers. The MFA Thesis Exhibitions are part of an endeavour by the AGYU to extend our relationship with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, thereby enriching our commitment to the development of Canada' s future professionals.
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