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Roy Arden

6 March – 11 April 11 1997

Co-curated with the Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, University of British Columbia, this exhibition will present a selection of works from 1991-1996 by Vancouver artist Roy Arden. Adren's subject is the 'landscape of the economy' as it appears through the everyday surface of his local surroundings. His large colour photographs are intended as realist tableaux, they depict traces of history in the present as well as the brutal appearance of the new. Pictures of landfills, proletarian architecture or consumer goods in department stores, are fragments that add up to a vision of modernity's transformative effects. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue with colour reproductions and texts by Peter Culley, John Miller and Scott Watson.

The Art Gallery of York University gratefully acknowledges The Canada Council for its support.
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