David Armstrong, Yam Lau, Gordon Lebredt, and Garry Madlung
27 November – 25 January 1998

Implicating Possibilities is an exhibition of work by the Toronto visual arts collective of David Armstrong, Yam Lau, Gordon Lebredt, and Garry Madlung. With the exception of Lebredt, whose work is well known, these artists are relatively new to the Toronto contemporary art scene. The exhibition at the AGYU, however, is prompted not by this newness, but by the fact that their work introduces a fresh point of view, an approach to art that differs from other work being seen in Toronto.

The artists in this exhibition aspire to make art that functions experientially. That is, one derives meaning from the work by the act of looking. Their art addresses various implications of the term "disparation" (or optical distortion and double images, where visual clues rest beyond the focal point of the eye). Thus, to look at this work viewers are forced to adopt a shifting point of view, to constantly move their position relative to the object.

The works in this exhibition are a provocative blend of media (painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture). While the four artists share an interest in geometry, abstraction, topology, space, time and event, their art does not subscribe to any overarching thesis. It is versed in the semiotics of art but is equally aware of the difference between the discursive and visual dimensions of experience. It implicates both these territories, while examining their respective limits. It is innovative art that demands to be seen and to be discussed.
Art Gallery of York University | Accolade East Building, 4700 Keele Street | Toronto ON M3J 1P3 | agyu [at]