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Tim Brennan
12 April – 16 April 1999

At the heart of Tim Brennan's photographs lies an array of collisions; the collision of light onto film, of society onto its individuals, of objects onto art, and of the artist onto the world. Brennan's photographs are taken from the mundane and the everyday, which he presents as framed details in order to shift them off course. Through the vantage of his camera, the ordinary becomes altered, strange or uneasy. Th espace of a photograph becomes a forum between the fabricated and the living, and a place for raising questions about the living.

Tim Brennan is a candidate for the degree of Master of Fine Arts at York University. Each year the AGYU hosts two thesis exhibitions of graduate students from York University's Department of Visual Arts. These exhibitions, profiling some of York University's leading artists, are an extension of the AGYU's commitment to the development of Canada's visual arts professionals.
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