10 July – 13 August 2004
The Art Gallery of York University and Trinity Square Video are proud to announce the world premiere of Century 21, Part Three of the Winchester Trilogy by Los Angeles artist Jeremy Blake, whose recent work has included a video installation in New York's Time Square, participation in the 2004 Whitney Biennial, as well as collaborations with acclaimed film director P.T. Anderson (Punch Drunk Love) and musical experimentalist Beck (Sea Change).

Century 21 was exhibited at Trinity Square Video from 10 July - 13 August 2004.

Jeremy Blake's DVD projections are time-based paintings, but the organically transforming images, which have the appearance of light-diffused colour-field paintings, embody allusive narratives that are psychologically complex interpretations of various histories of the last century.

Blake's Winchester Trilogy is a series of projections based on the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. The projections probe the psychological aura of this architectural wonder constructed by Sara Winchester, widow of the heir to the Winchester rifle fortune, over the course of thirty-eight years, beginning in the late nineteenth century. After suffering the crisis of the death of her husband and child and informed by a deep belief in Spiritualism, Winchester decided that the victims of the "gun that won the west" had haunted her. An advisor suggested that the sounds of never-ending construction of a sprawling mansion with staircases going nowhere, doorways leading out into open air several stories above ground, and miles of darkened hallways to roam would both accommodate good spirits and ward off evil ones.

Parts One and Two, which were shown at the Art Gallery of York University 12 May-27 June, probe the psychological emanations and hauntings of the building, first from the exterior (Winchester) and then the interior, after the building partially collapsed and was rebuilt due to the 1906 earthquake (1906). For more information regarding this exhibition, please click here.

Century 21, Part Three, develops its narrative by setting its social critique within the three cinemas that now surround the Winchester building. Whereas Parts One and Two demonstrated the traumatic effects of American mythical constructs (the gunfighter, the outlaw, manifest destiny, etc.) on the individual Sara Winchester and her compulsive building enterprise, Century 21 focuses on the fraternities that continue these frontier mythologies, repackaged and inculcated through the popular media and realized in contemporary wars.

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