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September 2005

it’s all about trying new things…
A Month of Hazing

Even though, technically, we were closed due to the delay in moving to the Accolade East Building, we did not slacken our pace during the fall. For a month of Frosh events, we reprised some of our installation highlights—such as Jeremy Blake’s Winchester Trilogy, Peaches and Iggy Pop’s interactive karaoke installation Kick It, Fiona Banner’s Arsewoman in Wonderland—or we developed video programmes from past participation of artists, such as separate screenings of The Atlas Group and Walid Raad, Mike Hoolboom, Steve Reinke, and Scott Treleaven. We commissioned performances by Darren O’Donnell (Looking to Get Laid) and a Hazing Party by the West Side Stitches Couture Club, and continued with our Experimental Music Series with a performance by Jake Oelrichs, Ryan Driver, and Doug Tielli. Our summer ’05 curatorial intern, Shay Gibson, curated A Very Personal Look: Toronto Video Art from the ’70s to the Present, as well as two evenings of screenings by student and emerging artists.We also proudly acknowledged our student volunteers who have gone on to work for us as work/study students and interns, presenting programming posters designed by Janice Leung and launching our website, designed again by Janice, with the Curatorial wing designed by Debbie Yuen and Ingrid Yuen. All throughout the month, we had events, launches, and open houses to create a convivial atmosphere of welcome.There were lots of giveaways courtesy of the AGYU and our affiliated downtown art institutions—the latter our surreptitious way of luring students downtown to learn about and integrate themselves into Toronto’s art community.

Special thanks to the West Side Stitches Couture Club: Will Munro, Lex Vaughn, Edyta Chromicz, Mark Buck, Lauchi Reid, John Caffery, Matthew Alexander, Alex McClelland, Paige Gratland, Carl Baron, and Jeremy Laing.

Special thanks to Darren O’Donnell.

Cheers to our supporters: Prefix Photo magazine, Mercer Union, Vtape, Ontario Association of Art Galleries, VICE magazine, Amsterdam Brewery,York University Bookstore.

And special thanks to:Tim McGready, Suzanne Carte-Blanchenot, Demetra Christakos, Daniel Cockburn, Lisa Steele, Kim Tomczak, Shay Gibson, Debbie Yuen, Ingrid Yuen, Janice Leung, Megan Leonard, and York University’s Second Cup and Grad Lounge.

Congratulations to the student and emerging artists selected for Shay’s two evenings of Hot New Video Art: Jesse Bellon, Lesley Chan, Marnie Parrel, Jennifer Matotek,Thomas Mannell, Su-Ying Lee, Justin Davey, Paula Jean Cowan, Larissa Fan, Maggie Groat, Atanas T. Bozdaron, Nicolas Pareda, Diana Poulsen,Tejpal S. Ajji, Michael Leach, Lisa Lipton,Tracy German, Lisa Kennedy,Tess Girard, and Ilana Gutman. And all of you video artists who screened work at AGYU open screening nights.
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