Anitra Hamilton & Kristan Horton
25 April – 24 June 2007

Toronto artist Anitra Hamilton's Retrospective on Parade passes through the AGYU from 25 April to 24 June 2007 with a review of ten years of her work. Seemingly a march of the history of violence portrayed through Hamilton's ornamentation of mankind's weapons, this work is not so much anti-war as it is a probing of primal psychological drives. The retrospective marshals a number of the artist's parade-influenced works, including a twenty by fifty-five foot mural and a newly AGYU commissioned Audio Parade based on Toronto's St. Patrick's Day parade. On parade, as well, is the retrospective form of the exhibition, a ceremony we view through the veneer of cultural civility.

Years in the making, Toronto artist Kristan Horton's doubly legendary Dr. Strangelove Dr. Strangelove targets the AGYU from 25 April to 24 June 2007 with its explosive comic vision. With the obsessive meticulousness of the master himself, Horton has recreated each scene of Stanley Kubrick's original Dr. Strangelove film with objects at hand in his studio, deflating what is exaggerated in Kubrick's black comedy. The dialogue of obsessiveness is further emphasized by the fetishized presentation within the installation of the artist book that completes the project, which has been produced for Horton's AGYU exhibition.
Art Gallery of York University | Accolade East Building, 4700 Keele Street | Toronto ON M3J 1P3 | agyu [at]