2008 Carla Zaccagnini, Jogo Memória (artist multiple)
Carla Zaccagnini, Catalogue Traduit (artist book)
2007 Matthew Brannon, Hyena (artist book)
Anitra Hamilton, Batter Up (artist multiple)
Derek Sullivan, Robert Smithson (artist multiple)
2006 Canvas tote bags (director’s multiples)
Jeremy Deller, What Would Neil Young Do? (exhibition poster)
2005 Brian Joseph Davis, Yesterduh (CD edition co-produced with Mercer Union)
1999 Robin Collyer, Daniel Stong's First House (retouched photograph)
1996 Jamelie Hassan, The Puzzle (ceramic tile)
1994 Rodney Graham, Untitled: Oak Trees, Red Bluff, 1993-1994 (silverprints)
1993 Vera Frenkel, Recovering Memory I (serigraph)
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