2009 The 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion
The Communism of Forms
Daniel Borins and Jennifer Marman
2008 Carla Zaccagnini
Saskia Olde Wolbers
Anitra Hamilton and Kristan Horton
Matthew Brannon
2006 Jeremy Deller
Stan Douglas
Fiona Tan
2005 AGYU @ TAAFI 2005
Fiona Banner, Rosa Barba, Nathalie Melikian: Horror, Science Fiction, Porn
Istvan Kantor: Machinery Execution
Mike Hoolboom: The Invisible Man
2004 The Atlas Group and Walid Raad
Jeremy Blake (AGYU @ TSV)
640 480 (AGYU @ Zsa Zsa)
Jeremy Blake
Doris Sung (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Denniston Ewan (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Sinbad in the Rented World
What It Feels Like for a Girl
2003 Pierre Bismuth
Peter Bowyer
Stéphane La Rue & Sally Späth
James Welling
Scott Lyall
Munya Madzima (MFA Thesis exhibition)
P Roch Smith (MFA Thesis exhibition)
2002 Regarding Landscape
Atsmon Ganor (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Vanessa Eidse (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Mark Manders
Christine Borland
2001 Becky Singleton
Natascha Niederstrass (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Kitty Leung (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Yayoi Kusama
Moira Dryer
Jessica Diamond
2000 Smith/Stewart
Elaine P. Sharpe (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Liz Magor: Deep Woods
Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler: ... Pour in ...
Rebecca Garrett (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Tacita Dean
1999 Shawn Bailey (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Tim Brennan (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Robin Collyer: Photographs
Melanie Counsell: Drinking Fountain
Diana Thater: the best sense is the nonsense
Philippe van Snick: Toronto Asymetric Orange
Carol Wainio: Persistent Images
1998 Alison Wilding: Territories
Implicating Possibilities: David Armstrong, Yam Lau, Gordon Lebredt, and Garry Madlung
Julia Nelson (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Caroline Langill (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Rodney Graham: Vexation Island and Other Works
Sylvie Blocher: them(selves)
1997 Roy Arden
Jake Boone (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Sue Lloyd (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Landon Mackenzie: New and Early Works
Robert Therrien
Richard Tuttle
1996 Peter Byrne (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Jamelie Hassan: Aldin's Gift
Narelle Jubelin
Harald Klingelhöller
Deflecting the Blindspot: Suzy Lake and Martha WIlson
Stacey Lancaster (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Haim Steinbach
1995 Marie José Burki: Time after time
Pierre Dorion
Gregory McHarg (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Daniel Olson (MFA Thesis Exhibition)
Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Exposed
Vincent Tangredi
Toronto File: Alfred Barr, November 1961: Ulysses Comtois, Richard Gorman, Jack Bush
1994 Luc Tuymans
Cathy Daley
Marlene Dumas
Rodney Graham
Shirazeh Houshiary: Turning around the centre
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