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The following fundraising projects have been made possible by the generous donations of Robin Collyer, Rodney Graham, Jamelie Hassan, and Vera Frenkel.

All proceeds raised will support the programs of the Art Gallery of York University.

Robin Collyer

Daniel Strong's First House, 1999
retouched photograph
11" x 16", edition of 20
signed and numbered
$600.00 each (CDN)

The Art Gallery of York University is offering for sale limited edition, signed and numbered photographs by Robin Collyer. Over the past thirty years, his work in photography and sculpture has explored the shared language of contemporary art and the vernacular forms of modern urban life.

Daniel Stong's First House is a view of a log cabin built by Daniel Stong in 1816. The cabin remains in its original location, near Black Creek, on land the Stong's farmed prior to the development of York University. Collyer has augmented the cabin with the most ubiquitous of urban features, an automated banking machine. The resulting image disrupts our visual field while remaining both credible and familiar.

Jamelie Hassan







The Puzzle, 1996
Ceremic Tile
Edition of 50
$100.00 Each (CDN)

The Art Gallery of York University is pleased to offer a limited edition ceremic tile by London, Ontario artist, Jamelie Hassan.

The Puzzle, was included in Hassan's first solo public gallery exhibition, "Aldin's Gift" in Toronto at the AGYU in 1996. Revolving around the subject of Arabic manuscripts, Hassan's work interweaves historical artifacts with her personal past to examine transhistorical and cross-cultural issues.

Vera Frenkle

Recovering Memory I, 1993
Mixed Media Prints
29 1/2" x 42", edition of 50
signed and numbered
$750.00 each (CDN)

The Art Gallery of York University is pleased to offer a limited edition serigraph by Toronto artist, Vera Frenkel. Each serigraph is printed in three colours on Stonehenge paper and is signed and numbered by the artist.

Recovering Memory I
, was included in Frenkel's 1993 exhibition at the AGYU. Using a combination of drawn, hand-tinted, digitized, silk-screened and photographic imagery, this work explores the nature of displacement and loss--themes that in different ways have informed Vera Frenkel's previous multi-disciplinary projects.

(Oak Trees, Red Bluff, 1993-1994), 1994
11" x 14" each unframed, 24" x 21 1/2" each framed, edition of 24
signed and numbered
$2000 each set (CDN) SOLD OUT

The Art Gallery of York University is pleased to offer a signed and numbered, limited edition set of photographic prints by Vancouver artist, Rodney Graham. Each set is comprised of two archival silverprints which are framed and matted separately according to the artist's specification.

The concept of the inverted tree derives from the artist's 1979 installation Camera Obscura, where Graham set up a large camera obscura in the middle of the countryside with room in this specially constructed shed for a number of people to enter. The image of the upside down tree was projected onto the back wall of this room by means of a well known optical principle. Nature was thereby perceived through the device of this large apparatus, conveying the complexity involved in depictigin the tree, uprooted and disconnected from its surroundings.
Art Gallery of York University, Accolade East Building, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON, M3J 1P3,