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Meeting Place

Meeting Place: Robert Gober, Liz Magor and Juan Muñoz
Four booklets: vol. 1: 16 pp, 3 b&w plates;
vol. 2: 12 pp, 8 b&w plates;
vol. 3: 16 pp, 19 b&w plates;
vol. 4: 16 pp, 9 b&w plates;
ISBN: 0-921972-04-0

A catalogue consisting of four individually bound books contained in one slipcase, which includes original artists' books by: Robert Gober (New York), Liz Magor (Toronto) and Juan Mu-oz (Madrid, Spain) An essay by guest curator, Gregory Salzman, discusses the duality of these artists' work, their apparent legibility in terms of form and reference, yet the ungraspability of their place within the realm of the imagination. (Stapled and stitched versions available.)


From Concept to Context
84pp, 2 b&w plates
ISBN 0-921972-01-6

A catalogue documenting an exhibition of: Robert Barry, Stanley Brouwn, Daniel Buren and Lawrence Weiner curated by David Bellman. An accompanying essay by Bellman traces the influence of the "mode of discovery" in the artistic practice of Paul Cezanne, through various movements in 20th art, to the development of Conceptual Art in the 1960s, as exemplified by the work included in the exhibition.


Art Gallery of York University, Accolade East Building, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON, M3J 1P3,