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Exhibition catalogues are listed by year of publication
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Shirazeh Houshiary: Turning Around the Centre
30pp, 7 colour plates
ISBN 0-929597-03-6

A catalogue documenting an exhibition of sculpture and mixed media drawings by Shirazeh Houshiary. Cooperatively produced by the AGYU and the University Gallery , University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Jean-Marc Bustamante
48pp, 29 b&w, 18 colour plates
ISBN 286545-109-7

This catalogue documents an exhibition of recent work by French artist Jean Marc Bustamante produced cooperatively by the AGYU and the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago. In his accompanying essay, French art critic Jean Francois Chevrier, traces the artist's development from the mid-seventies through to the early nineties.


Vera Frenkel

Two volumes contained within a cardboard slipcover, including video programme notes by Jim Shedden and Dawn Caswell.
ISBN 0-921972-10-5

This publication contains two separately bound books within a slipcase. The first volume, Raincoats, Suitcases, Palms, contains essays by Toronto writer Dot Tuer and German writer Matthias Winzen, an interview with the artist by Dot Tuer, and a complete biography, videography, and bibliography. The second volume, The Bar Report, has been conceived and designed by Vera Frenkel. In this volume, she uses a collage-freize throughout, and an original silk-screen print, Recovering Memory, cut into nine different page-size segments, one sheet of which is tipped into each book. Text is in French and English. Winner of both the Ontario Association of Art Galleries 1994 Design Award and Curatorial Writing Award.


René Daniëls and Shirley Wiitasalo
56pp, 2 b&w, 26 colour plates
ISBN 0-921972-09-1

A catalogue produced to accompany a two-person exhibition of paintings by René Daniëls (Amsterdam) and Shirley Wiitasalo (Toronto), includes an essay by guest curator, Dr. Ulrich Loock (Director, Kunsthalle Bern). Text in German and English.


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