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Harald Klingelhöller
48 pp, 15 b&w plates
ISBN 0-921972-16-4

Using materials and shapes reminiscent of modern construction, Harold Klingelhöller's sculptures at first appear self-sufficient. However, the pieces create a communicative network through repetition and visual similarities and thereby activate the space itself. This theme is further examined in the catalogue essay by David Moos. Produced in collaboration with Yves Gevaert, Brussels. Received Honorable Mention for Design from the Ontario Association of Art Galleries, 1997.


Haim Steinbach

35 pp, 1 colour and 12 b&w plates
ISBN 0-88915-179-2

Through the juxtaposition of turn of the century Muybridge photographs and animal specimens from the Royal Ontario Museum allows Haim Steinbach to examine the self-identity of objects, and question ideas of 'natural' A catalogue produced to accompany an exhibition by New York artist Haim Steinbach. With essay by Bruce Ferguson. Produced with the Winnipeg Art Gallery.


Marie Jose Burki

80pp, 19 b&w, 45 colour photographs

Marie Jose Burki, a renowned video artist, explores our relationships with nature, language, technology, and time. This catalogue, produced cooperatively by the AGYU and the Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland, also contains essays by Daniel Kujakovic and Christoph Gruenberg, and an interview with Marie Jose Burki by Christoph Gruenberg.


Pierre Dorion
63pp, 8 b&w, 12 colour photos
ISBN 0-921972-14-8

A catalogue documenting an exhibition of paintings by Canadian artist, Pierre Dorion. Includes essays by Catherine Crowston and Jose Lebrero Stals, as well as biographical information on the artist. Winner of the Advertising and Design Club of Canada's 1995 Merit Award for Design.


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