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Connect with Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is powerful. For us, it fosters connections between alumni.

3 ways to maximize your impact:

  1. Join the existing community
    Our groups on Facebook and Linkedin are an easy, effective place to connect with other grads. Between the two channels you’ll reach nearly 10,000 grads! Join these groups and show your support of York through participating in discussions, posting photos, and connecting with people.

  2. Start your own York group
    Go one step beyond joining an existing group and establish your own group. This is particularly useful for Chapter leaders who wish to have more direct contact with grads in their area. With your group you can:
    • Recruit volunteers
    • Publicize your events
    • Connect with other Chapters, alumni groups
    • Start a blog
    • Post photos     
    • Share ideas

  3. Spread the word
    Get people on the committee and other grads you know to share your event details with their networks using the dozens of share vehicles out there like Digg, Twitter and Delicious.

The ABCs of social media etiquette

Judgment calls
We encourage you to share your thoughts and comments. When speaking about York or a topic involving the York community, make sure your comments are carefully thought-out. Your honesty—or dishonesty—will be noticed by your readers and is a reflection on the University.

Be mindful of privacy
Your privacy as well as the privacy of any person or organization you are affiliated with including York University. Consider posting a privacy policy and be very careful when handling people's contact information.

Encourage comments
You can also broaden the conversation by citing others who have expertise and have posted about the same topic and allowing your content to be shared.

Add value
Social communication from York community members should help strengthen connections among alumni and with the University through sharing information and prompting meaningful dialogue. If it helps people improve knowledge or skills, build their businesses, do their jobs, solve problems, or become more involved with York, then it's adding value.

Be responsible
What you write is ultimately your responsibility. Participation online on behalf of York is not a right but an opportunity, so please treat it seriously and with respect. You might want to post a policy on your group that stipulates what kinds of contributions are not welcome like profane or offensive language. Check out the policy we’ve posted on the main York alumni Facebook group.

Create excitement
York and its alumni are making important contributions to society. Let's share with the world the exciting things we're learning and doing—and open up the channels to learn from others. Know a grad who is doing amazing things> - write about it on your page.

Be a Leader
There can be a fine line between healthy debate and incendiary reaction. You do you need to respond to every criticism or barb. Try to frame what you write to invite differing points of view without inflaming others. Some topics—like politics or religion—slide more easily into sensitive territory. So be careful and considerate. Once the words are out there, you can't really get them back. And once an inflammatory discussion gets going, it's hard to stop.