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Ananya Mukherjee-Reed, York University
Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Professor, Department of Political Science,
Founding-Director, International Secretariat for Human Development

Office Ross South 900
Phone 416 736 5220
email: deanLA_PS@yorku.ca

About me

My teaching and research focus primarily on the theme of  human development, broadly defined. The theme that dominates my current work is justice, particularly gender justice.The following are some of the specific areas I am working on:

  • The Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, justice for garment workers and the apparel supply chains, with particular focus on policy and legislation gaps in countries like Canada
  • Food justice and women's solidarity movements in India
  • Concepts of justice, with a focus on two Indian visionaries Rabindranath Tagore and BR Ambedkar
  • Women of the Indian middle class: between globalization and patriarchy (SSHRC)

I am also the Founding-Director of the International Secretariat for Human Development(ISHD), an organization that I helped to create along with some other colleagues in Canada and Italy.  ISHD's main objective is to stimulate the production of new forms of knowledge for human development where disciplinary barriers are dissolved, the divide between scholar and practitioner is overcome, and academic benefits of research are accompanied by concrete social benefits.  All my work is motivated by a vision of the university as an engaged social actor, whose task is not only to produce and disseminate knowledge but to foster non-exclusionary methods of  knowledge production, to acknowledge the multiple sites of  knowledge production and to open up potential alternative practices.


Recent articles:

  • Taking Solidarity Seriously: Food and Gender Justice in India ( in P.Utting ed. Social and Solidairty Economy, Zed Books 2014); translated into French
  • "Human Rights and Human Development: A Social Power Perspective", in Osgoode Reader on Transitional Justice, edited by P.Zumbassen and R.Bucahanan, Hart Publishing (2014)



Recent books:

  • Human Development and Social Power: Perspectives from South Asia (London and New York: Routledge); also available in paperback and a special South Asian edition distributed through Cambridge University Press, South Asia

  • A co-edited volume in collaboration with UNRISD, Geneva has just been published:in paperback as well: Business Regulation and Non-state actors: Whose Standards? Whose Development? Routledge Series in Development Economics (2012)

Recent articles/talks