Mapping Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction Projects Around the World
York University

Sample Project

1. Name of the project: Battaglia Drive and Henness Road
2. Type of Mitigation: Channels, Culverts and a Retention Basin
3. Type of hazard mitigated: Flood
4. Country and city/area of the mitigation measure: Unites States of America, Arizona City, Arizona
5. Short description of the project (up to 250 words): A construction project in Arizona City outlined by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors in the countyís five-year Transportation Improvement and Maintenance Program (TIMP) is moving forward following the recent purchase of 40 acres of land critical for constructing the flood retention project along Battaglia Drive near Henness Road.The countyís flood hazard mitigation project is located along Battaglia Drive in the western portion of Arizona City and includes channels, culverts and a retention basin. The channels are located along Battaglia Drive from Santa Rosa Road to Peart Road and along Henness Road from Battaglia Drive south to Loma Vista Drive. The retention basin site is located at the southwest corner of Battaglia Drive and Henness Road. A study by the county that evaluated existing flooding conditions within Arizona City and developed flood mitigation alternatives was completed earlier this year. These alternatives were presented to Pinal County and a recommended alternative was selected. The recommended alternative will provide protection from the roughly two-year cycle of flooding within the project area.Several alternatives were evaluated to mitigate localized flooding near Battaglia Drive and Henness Road. The selected alternative included a large box culvert under Henness Road just south of Battaglia Drive; improvements to the existing earthen channel from Santa Rosa Road west to Peart Road; improvements to the existing earthen channel from Battaglia Drive to Loma Vista Drive; a new low water crossing south of Battaglia Drive along Henness Road; and a retention basin at the southwest corner of Battaglia Drive and Henness Road.The design for the project will be completed in September, with the estimated advertisement for construction to take place in October 2013. The contractor will be selected by January 2014, followed by the anticipated start of construction set for February 2014. The estimated completion date of the project will be July 2014.The projectís design and construction is funded by Pinal County Flood Control District. The construction cost is estimated to be $1.4 million and right-of-way cost is $460,000.The design engineer will be Raj Shah, P.E. of Ritoch-Powell and Associates.
6. Reference (2). AC flood hazard mitigation project