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Workshop 1: What Don't We Know About Intelligence?


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This Virtual Workshop will be held on 27 Feb 2012, and includes nodes at Arizona State University, University of Arizona, NASA Ames, UC Berkeley, UCLA, SETI Institute/Stanford, as well as researchers calling in from the University of Lethbridge, Oxford, and the Santa Fe Institute. We are pleased to be bringing together participants from the worlds of astrobiology and SETI, and researchers who work on aspects of intelligence ranging from early chordates to social insects, hominids to cephalopods, and complex systems to information theory.

This first workshop is intended as a 'brainstorming' session rather than a series of formal research presentations. In essence, we are asking speakers to give very brief (5 min) remarks designed to stimulate discussion about fruitful areas for research. There will be some time for questions and discussion during the virtual workshop, but also, in the weeks afterwards, we will brainstorm and collect ideas further in our blog here.

The results of this workshop will be summarized in March, and posted here.

List of Participants: please see here.

Bios and Abstracts: on the web, or in pdf (version current as of evening 26 Feb, will be superseded). Please refresh your browser to make sure you're seeing the most recent version.

Date and time: Monday, 27 February 2012 at 2-5 pm Pacific Time (3-6 pm Mountain Time, 5-8 pm Eastern Time)

Specific notes concerning schedule, technology, locations, etc. are available in the Participants zone. Sign in at the top of the page.


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