AVOW - Adaptive Visions of Water

in the Middle East

Organisational Affiliations and Partners:

YCISS | AIES | IPCRI | WEDO | IRIS | ASIR | Peacemedia-paixmédia


Adaptive Visions of Water (AVOW) in the Middle East is an interdisciplinary examination of the broad range of water policy options for the Jordan River / Dead Sea / Arava-Araba / Aqaba-Eilat watershed for use in developing an integrated strategy adapted to the challenges of the regional environment. Bringing together partners from across the Jordan Basin, Europe and North America, the initiative will investigate a broad range of approaches to replenishing the Dead Sea and addressing water sustainability and cooperation in the region.

The AVOW initiative contributes to a sustainable hydro-geo-political future for the watershed by using a deliberative study group process for the articulation, discussion and prioritization of water policy choices. The AVOW project is broadly based, both academically and socially. Its work is intended to ensure that whatever policy outcomes occur regarding the future of sub-regional water and the Dead Sea specifically, a broad range of stakeholder needs and options are acknowledged and accommodated. AVOW is in line with current development thinking that advocates inclusive participation, a public planning process, social equity in the distribution of benefits, and technological solutions that are congruent with nature rather than transforming nature.

Over a two year period, project partners will host clustered working group meetings and organise a conference on the social, economic, environmental and technological aspects of various proposals.  The team will prepare an academic report, a policy report with recommendations, and popular education materials.