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PHYS 2070 3.0 W14/15
Highlights of Astronomy



The list below represents the PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations used in class.  The slides are mostly from the book, "Discovering the Essential Universe." Sometimes these slides are particularly taylored by me to fit the lectures. Sometimes there is additional information on the slides. The slides are a guide to the material covered, to ‘jog your memory’ if you will.  They should not be considered comprehensive notes. Taking notes and reading the book, that are your tasks.

  • Chapter 17 (January)                               6in1
  • Chapter 18  (January)                              6in1
  • Chapter 19  (January)                              6in1
  • Chapter 20  (February)                            6in1
  • Chapter 21  (February)                            6in1   
  • Chapter 22  (February)                            6in1
  • Chapter 23  (March)                                6in1
  • Chapter 24  (March)                                6in1
  • Chapter 25  (March)                                6in1
  • Chapter 26 (March)                                 6in1
  • Chapter 27 (April)                                   6in1

The .pdf files for the quizzes are now in the above pdf files of the slides shown in class (6in1)

Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  Q5  Q6  Q7  Q8  Q9  Q10  Q11  Q12 Q13  Q14  Q15 Q16  Q17  Q18 





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