SC/PHYS 3001 1.0 Organization and Management Seminar in Space and Communication Sciences

A seminar course taught by guest speakers from industry, government and the University. Content changes from year to year, but includes such topics as professional ethics, communications regulations, space law, space science policy, project management, privacy and security issues in computing. (Same as SC/COSC 3001 1.0 and SC/EATS 3001 1.0.) One lecture hour in alternate weeks. Two terms.

Prerequisite: Eligibility to proceed in the Specialized Honours stream in Space and Communication Sciences beyond the 2000-level requirements, or permission of the course director.

Degree credit exclusions: SC/COSC 3001 1.0, AS/SC/COSC 3002 1.0, SC/EATS 3001 1.0.