Chapter 4: VLBI and DSN Applications to Spacecraft Navigation

We mentioned the JPL document.

Here is some information on how to write your typed summary document on "Radiometric tracking techniques for deep-space navigation:"

Important is that you have:
1) A title page with your name and student number and a date, etc.
2) Table of contents
3) Abstract (about 15 lines)
4) The body of your summary document with several chapters  that contain the most important aspects of  the document. Ask yourself what is absolutely important to know about the technique of radiometric tracking  and navigation of interplanetary spacecraft. Think of important parameters, equations, figures, perhaps tables.
5) Use your own words. Don't copy sentences from the document.
6) Have a conclusion section, perhaps 3/4 page long.
7) Have a reference section, with all your references in the text cross-listed in the reference section. In the text you should just have a reference like [1]. In the reference section you should then give the full reference with [1] Smartguy, W. W., Notsosmartguy, P. W. and Dummguy, R. T., 2018, Physics Review, p2013.

Total length:  about 15  pages  with font "Times New Roman, 12" and 1.5 spacing.

Due date March 29, 2018, 14:30 pm (in class).