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PHYS 6210 1.0 F13/14
Supernovae, Neutron Stars and Black Holes








Course Description: A supernova, the explosion of a star, is one of the most energetic single events in the universe. The burst of radiation released is so enormous that it can outshine an entire galaxy. During the explosion process most elements in the universe are created allowing the evolution of life. Neutron stars and black holes are the remnants of the explosion and provide us with examples to study fundamental aspects of matter, space and time. This specialized course is unique in focusing on the catastrophic end cycle of stars and relating it to our understanding of some of the central issues of physics.Topics covered will include: classification and characteristics of supernovae, explosion process, interaction of the shock front with the circumstellar medium, supernovae as distance indicators, structure and magnetosphere of neutron stars, neutron star mass-radius relationship for equations of state, characteristics of pulsars, pulsar emission mechanisms, pulsars as standard clocks, tests of general relativity, magnetars, gamma-ray bursts and stellar black holes. Here is the:

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Course Contents

  1. Supernovae

  2. Neutron stars
  3. Black holes

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