Testing Einstein's Universe

                                                    Einstein looks up



Planetary system

Prof. Norbert Bartel --- Host
Professor Norbert Bartel   ---   Host

Quantum mechanics

Physicists who started and formulated quantum mechanics


Everyday life
TV Atom bomb


Cosmology and black holes  -- Einstein's Universe

Quantum mechanics and general relativity  --- they are completely incompatible
Quantum mechanics and general relativity- they do not match

Quantum mechanics is verified every day.

Much less evidence exists in favor of general relativity..

Previous tests of general relativity
Perihelion advance

Light bending

Shapiro delay

Binary pulsar

Gravitational redshift

Prof. Francis Everitt (P. I. of  Gravity Probe B)
Prof. Francis Everitt (P.I.)

Gravity Probe B measures curving and twisting of spacetime with orbiting gyroscopes near earth.
Gravity probe B measures the curving and warping of spacetime

The dewar and the gyro casings

Prof. Brad Parkinson (Co. P. I. of Gravity probe B)
Prof. Brad Parkinson (Co. P. I. of Gravity Probe B)

The gyro as the worlds roundest sphere

The measurment of the change of the gyro spin direction with a precision of 0.0001 arcseconds per year

What is an angle of 0.0001 arcseconds
Paris to New York

Launch of Delta II rocket with Gravity Probe B
Satellite release
Satellite Lock on Im Pegasi

Rex Geveden (NASA Program Manager)
Rex Geveden (NASA Program Manager)

Four motions of guide star IM Pegasi relative to quasars
Total motion

Motion determination with the radio astronomical technique of very-long-baseline-interferometry (VLBI) using 15 to 16 radio telescopes
VLA Global array

VLBI correlator
VLBI Processor  Synthesized giant antenna

Prof. Kip Thorne
Prof. Kip Thorne

Is Einstein right or wrong?