SN 1986J

SN 1986J exploded in 1983 in the edge-on galaxy NGC 891 which is about 10 Mpc away. Our group
has observed the supernova from the time shortly after its discovery in 1986 to the present. The
supernova shows a shell of emission that is strongly modulated in brightness along the ridge.

The galaxy NGC 891 and the supernova 1986J (epoch Nov. 2002).

The shell expanded originally with a speed of about 20,000 km/s but subsequently slowed down
to about 6,000 km/s in 2003.

Sequence if images taken in 1987, 1988, 1990, 1999, and 2002. A dynamic beam is used for the convolution.

Recently we discovered a bright radio component in the center of the expanding shell. This component is likely emission associated with a neutron star or a black hole believed to be left over from the explosion.

See the press releases for more information: NRAO press release
                                                                         York press release

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Artist's view (G. Arguner)           Image at 6cm (red and contour)         The galaxy NGC 891 and images
                                                       shows the expanding shell. Image      of SN 1986J at 6, 3.6, and 2 cm.
                                                      at 2 cm (blue) shows the newly           The component at 2 cm is
                                                      discovered central component.            unresolved, located in the center
                                                                                                                    of the shell, and has an inverted

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