~16min film on DVD (NTSC) and video cassette (NTSC, PAL) with sound track

  Twentythree consecutive VLBI images of supernova 1993J; in M81 from the time of explosion in 1993 to the end of 2001 show the dynamic evolution of the expanding radio shell of an exploded star. The video starts with an explanatory, fully animated part that tells the story of the progenitor star in the galaxy M81, the explosion, the observations with a global VLBI network of radio telescopes,  the data recording, the correlation of the recorded data, and the production of the images. This animated part is proceeded by the scientific part that shows the smoothly expanding radio shell of the exploded star and explains the particular features visible in the images.

  The video is suitable for a scientific audience, as well as for university classes, schools, and the general public interested in science.

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Selected frames from the explanatory video animation