COSC/EATS/PHYS 4001.06 Space and Communication Sciences Workshop

Last updated November 1, 2004

Project contract template

A contract is typically one or two pages in length.
Project title: Theuniverseandme
Supervisor name (email): I. M. Super (super@somewhere)
Student name (email): M. E. Too (metoo@elsewhere)
Student number: 99999999999

Location: Laboratory where the project will be carried out

Project description: What the project is to achieve, a half to one page.


Resources required: This is worth spelling out because it may be more helpful to the student in choosing a project than the project description. Readings: A short list of research papers/books that could/must be studied or referenced for the project, that can help give some idea of what your project is about and the background required.

Deliverables: List of artifacts to be completed by the final due date; includes programs, documentation, reports, user guides, etc.

Milestones: Milestones to be reached during the project. Useful for the project contract and progress evaluation. A sequence of dates at 2-6 week intervals, suggesting what should be completed. You may have to add/modify milestones specific to your project.

  1. Sept. ?: Contract completed. Students should have decided on a project.
    1. Students who do not have a project by Sept. 30 must petition the course director in writing to be allowed to continue in the course, explaining why they were unable to find a project by that time.
  2. Oct. ?: Background reading completed.
  3. Oct. ?: Student should be able to describe project. Knowledge of background of project, specification of the work to be            performed in terms of technical milestones, rationale for the approach and expected intellectual contribution.
  4. Nov./Dec??: Project proposal presentation. First in-class presentation. (Summary of achievements so far, difficulties encountered, possible change in the technical milestones).
  5. Feb. ??: Preliminary draft of the final documents. Anticipating second presentation.
  6. Apr. ??: Project due. All deliverables completed.
  7. Apr.??:  Report on project. Second-in-class presentation.
  8. Apr. ??: Documentation of completed project.
Evaluation: Some indication as to how the project will be evaluated. For example, the project could be marked on the basis of progress towards stated goals and the clarity and completeness of programs, documentation and reports. It is strongly recommended and encouraged that evaluation consists of a number of components (e.g., four) and not just a grade at the end. Grades can be associated with different deliverables or parts of deliverables. Components could include documentation, programming style, easy of use -- interface design, project proposal presentation, project status presentation, overall evaluation.

The following is an example

Student: ____________________________________
Supervisor ____________________________________
Course director ____________________________________