I can't say which of these lost works I have chosen to work with, partly because of the way our research has been going, the lists etc. but mostly because I want to keep it a secret. This way I can start to work on my piece without choosing which work but I can also have a sense of anticipation as to which image which will appear when the work is complete. There are substantiated reports of which artists had their work destroyed. An artist whose work I have dealt with in some way previously was one of those artists. We have just to zero in on the particular work.

So I have these panels that create shadow images, they need to be mounted and positioned so that the sun can do its shadow casting work. A supporting structure of some kind. I want something that is reminiscent of early modernism but without the heroic or massive qualities typical of the era. Ordinarily I would be attracted to an ironic play with these types but with this work.

I am more interested in the sense of a group effort, a community of artists trying to remember something, trying to re-call,or replace however inadequately.

I have had to shift my attention from the supporting structure, which is moving along satisfactorily to a more technical problem having to do with the perforated images. I'll keep you posted,