"Lost in the wake of Hitler's idea of a super museum at Linz were Modernist works that were slashed and burned. These were not collected and lost. These Modernist works were the devalued Other of the valued works collected. For Linz, they were the fallout of the creation of value for the Linz collection. In order for Hitler's prizes to gather extreme positive value and the allure of scarcity, the Linz collection needed a supplementary Other. The collection needed a degeneracy of which it could be purged, so that a pure essence would remain. The only thing that saved Modernist works was the power of the system of value outside the aegis of the Third Reich. A public show of destruction of Modernist works was complemented by a brisk business selling Modernist art secretly. Converted into cash, some of these works served to buy the art for the Linz collection."