August 13, 1995

Dear Vera:

I've made some progress on the re-construction since we last talked. The last letter was rough and sketchy so I think I will take this opportunity to explain how I have arrived at certain developments.

In the vacuum of not knowing, I am planning a work which will induce, to some extent, a sense of loss through the appearance and then the disappearance of an image. I will have, of course, to substitute anticipation, even curiosity for true attachment. After a brief appearance the image will have a continued existence only in memory and by word of mouth. Until it's reappearance.

I decided, in addition to the phenomenon of the Hitlermuseum, that I was interested in the lost 'degenerate' works more than any of the other works, these being in fact early modernist works seemed to fit right in with my long term project of coming to terms with what I think of as our 'Modernist unconscious'.