According to Rose Valland, a curator at the Louvre who also happened to be a member of the French Resistance, a number of Modern works were destroyed, burned, slashed etc. in the garden of the Jeu de Paume on July 27 1943 (Valland, Le Front de l'Art pp. 180-81 also Getty Centre, Arntz Archive, list and letter, Valland December 10, 1962)

The ERR inventories were carefully brought up to date, a little line was drawn through each eliminated entry, and Vernichtet (destroyed) written next to it. Works by Picasso, Picabia, La Fresnaye, Klee, Miro, Ernst, Arp, Dali, Masson and Leger were amongst them. 38 (L.H.N. .p.170)

Mlle. Valland's main objective was to find out where ERR takings were going to be stored in Germany. At night she took home the negatives of the archival photographs being taken by the Nazis, and had them printed by a friend. In the morning they would be back in place.

'Long after the American Monuments Officers had left Germany, Rose Valland continued her quest to retrieve or account for every single thing that had left France. In her last years she retreated entirely into her world of secret documents, which at her death were relegated in an unsorted and chaotic mess to a Musée storeroom in Malmaison.'

In Germany Willhelm Arntz, a Lawyer spent years trying to track down every single 'degenerate' picture removed by the Nazis.

'The search for missing works of Art still goes on. International law enforcement agencies and private foundations such as the Institute for Art Research in New York keep an eye on the markets.'

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Quotes from Lynne H. Nicholas book The Rape of Europa, Random House, New York 1995