- reproductions of drawings from Hitler as a child, and paintings of the family home in Leonding can be found in Price, Billy F.: Adolf Hitler as Painter and Drawer, Gallant, Switzerland, 1983, pg.95.
- a neighbour of the Hitlers (1903-1908), reports that : Hitler was busy all day long with painting. In the evening he left the house for a walk and was reading for hours or walking up and down the living room till late in the night.
- asked what kind of a profession he was heading for, Hitler answered that he wanted to become a great artist. When the neighbour mentioned that it would need financial resources to start a carrier like this he answered: " Markart and Rubens came out of poor background and have made it." Price, Billy F.: Adolf Hitler as Painter and Drawer, Gallant ,Switzerland, 1983 p.6

"How it happened, I don't remember anymore, but one day at the age of twelve years it was clear to me, that I wanted to become a painter, an artistic painter."
Hitler, Adolf: Mein Kampf, Zentralverlag der NSDAP, München, 1925