- Hitler's designs included
sketch for the Volkswagen, 1932 (p.225)
poster for detergent and shoe cream, 1911 (p.161)
propaganda posters, 1929 (p.216)

important Party buildings, after 1926 (p.9)
all his favourite towns, after 1934 (p.9)
monumental buildings, 1937 (p.237)
his house which would be in Linz, 1942 (p.251)
Party logos, 1920, 1929 (p.200, 221)
Price, Billy F.: Adolf Hitler as Painter and Drawer, Gallant, Switzerland, 1983

He designed theatre buildings, castles, exhibition halls. He developed the idea for alcohol-free national drink, looked for tabacco substitutes. He designed reform plans for schools, and for the protection of house owners and office workers, and makes designs for an "Ideal German State" 1908.
Fest, Joachim C., Hitler, a Biography, Propylaen, Germany, 1973, p.52

He designed the stadium in Nürnberg, which received the Grand Prix in the 1937 World Fair, Paris

- in the midst of important state business he always found time for long discussions about architecture. Often, during the night, when he couldn't sleep he was drawing floorplans or construction sketches or he went to see the 30 m long model of the Nürnberg stadium. Fest, Joachim C.: Hitler, A Biography, Propylaen, Germany, 1973, p.724