Journal Entry, pg.40

Often , when I walk or drive along the Danube as I do today, in the direction to the city, I am glad about this big river running through Linz. In fact, I think that if Linz wasn't situated on the Danube, perhaps I wouldn't live here anymore.

Several times I have lived for extended periods of time abroad, but I always came back. Perhaps it is because Linz is also a good place for me to work. I think about the many helpful contacts with craftmen, and obliging, nonbureaucratic contacts with many firms and business officies.

Most of my friends live further away . Only Sigrid und Billy lived in Leonding for some years.

Coming from Urfahr I walk over the bridge towards the 2 blue-grey buildings on the other side, on the left the former tax department, on the right the Art University. Rarely do I think about the fact that I spent some years as an art student in this building. Now I only go there when I need some Laser photocopying done.

It is Saturday, and people are coming towards me from the flea market. I have little time to enjoy the market myself. I only look once in a while, not even asking for prices. But I will treat myself with a coffee before I go to Michael to return his books as I had promised.

Coming out of the Traxlmayr a woman asks me for a shoe repair shop. She speaks English, and is probably a tourist. I am always a little surprised, when I am aware of tourists. The teenagers with backpacks and older people in groups seem to get more every year. What is there for visitors to see in Linz? Salzburg and Vienna of course, but Linz?

I turn into Graben, then Museumstraße, then pass the Landesmuseum. This building keeps reminding me of an icing decoration. I check what show is on in the Landesgalerie, and then go further in the direction towards the Südbahnhofmarket. Maybe Michael has time for us to have some lunch together.