• - Certain interested parties in Linz and Vienna know some of the details.
  • - So why not me? (He was annoyed.)
  • - It's not your money or your problem. I have been given the job of embodying the missing art. It doesn't matter why. Just do as I ask. Trust me.
  • - So long as we're not associated with questionable forces, he said, uncertain. He paused. Anna?
  • - We must stop speculating, she said, and get to work. Let me see the list again. (Ruminatively she names a few of the missing paintings.) Let's see... She names each work, then the team member who will reconstruct it. Rembrandt, Portrait of a Young Boy, 28 cm x 56 cm; Hannelore, ten days to two weeks; Courbet, Landscape with Poplars, 48 cm x 96 cm, Simone, eight days; Canaletto, Aussicht des Dogen-Palastes von Venedig, Oil on canvas, 72 cm x 95 cm, Robert, two weeks; Caravaggio, Interment of Christ, Oil on canvas, 157 x 107 cm, Friedrich, say, a week and a half ...
...and she continues with this allotment of responsibilities until after the bar closes ...