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Space Engineering Laboratory

Lassonde School of Engineering

Algonquin Radio Observatory  

Algonquin Radio Observatory

Northern Light - A Canadian Mission to Mars

Northern Light

Welcome to the space engineering laboratory at Lassonde School of Engineering. A center for research in advanced space systems, the space engineering laboratory provides a capacity spanning the complete lifecycle of space mission design and development. The laboratories reproduce on a scale suitable for a university environment all of the infrastructure necessary for the end-to-end design, development, manufacture, test, operation and disposal of space systems including spacecraft, probes, landers and rovers. 

Want to learn more about space engineering? Check out our interactive course website here.

Raj Jagpal's Ph.D. Thesis Available

Raj Jagpal graduated this October with a doctoral degree on the calibration and validation of Argus, the Canadian Pollution Monitor. His work is now available online here.  

Space Engineering Laboratory Wins CASI Alouette Award!

York's Argus team wins aeronautics award as member of University of Toronto's CanX-2 microsatellite team (full story).



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