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Concurrent Design Laboratory

The laboratory includes a high-performance computing environments dedicated to the design and development of space infrastructure.  Design tools are provided for the development of space applications including orbit and constellation design, element design and visualisation, dynamic simulation tools, and electronic mechanical design tools. 

Selected Publications

2008    B. M. Quine, R. Lee et al., Northern Light—Mission Update, ASTRO CASI Conference, Montreal, Quebec.

2008    R. Lee, K. Sathiyanathan, N. Navarathinam, B. M. Quine and Northern Light team, Semi-Autonomous Tele-Robotic Manipulation In Mars Drilling Operation, ASTRO CASI Conference, Montreal, Quebec.

2006    B. M. Quine, R. K. Jagpal and A. Ho, Argus – A Canadian Pollution Monitor: Instrument Overview, in proceedings of the 2006 ASTRO CASI conference, 51, Montreal, April 2006.




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