Bibliography - Scientific translation


Note to readers: This bibliography was prepared for upper-year students in the French-English stream of a bachelor’s degree program in translation at York University in Toronto. The course is a practical one (English translation of texts from Quebec in the field of forestry) but there are a few readings (bolded). Emphasis in the course is on understanding expert-to-expert articles in natural science publications rather than on English scientific rhetoric; oddly, there is next to nothing in English (but plenty in French) about comprehension of advanced specialist writing. 

The bibliography omits several items that would be included if it were aimed at graduate students.


Most items are available from Frost, Scott or Steacie libraries (some online) or directly on the Web. Some are also

available from the Toronto Public Library or the University of Toronto (Noranda Earth Sciences Library, 5 Bancroft Avenue). 


A few items (noted on the list below) are on reserve at Frost.

Bolded items are course readings and are available at the course eClass site.


A. Forests and forestry


Sharpe, Grant et al. 2003 Introduction to Forests and Renewable Resources 7th edition [on 1–day reserve at Frost]

                        Chapter 4 Forest Ecology 76-96

                        Chapter 5 Silviculture and Forest Ecosystem Management 97-117

Hendee, John et al. 2012 Introduction to Forests and Renewable Resources 8th edition

- available at UofT Earth Sciences Library SD373 .S56 2012


For more detail:

Smith, David et al 1997 The Practice of Silviculture [on 1-day reserve at Frost]


Dictionnaire de la foresterie / Dictionary of Forestry SD 126 D52 in Frost Reference.


English Wikipedia entries "Tree", "Forest", "Silviculture", "Forestry" and "Logging"

                  and the French entries "Arbre", "Forêt", "Sylviculture" and "Exploitation forestière"

                  (click Français under Languages in the left column of the English Wikipedia entries)


B. Specialised Translation


Wikipedia entry "Specialised Translation"

Scarpa, Federica 2020 Research and Professional Practice in Specialised Translation

Byrne, Jody 2014 ‘A Framework for the Identification and Strategic Development of Translation Specialisms’

            Meta 59:1

Scarpa, Federica 2010 La traduction spécialisée (translated and adapted from Italian by Marco Fiola), Chapter 4.       available online from York Library

Byrne, Jody 2010 ‘Are technical translators writing themselves out of existence?’ 

Circuit 98, 2008 Les langues de spécialité

Asensio, Roberto Mayoral 2007 ‘Specialised translation: a concept in need of revision’ Babel 53(1), 48-55.



C. Scientific & Technical Translation




Olohan, Maeve 2016 Scientific and Technical Translation, Chapter 6 [on 1-day reserve at Frost]

Byrne, Jody 2012 Scientific and Technical Translation Explained

Hann, Michael 2004 A basis for scientific and engineering translation

Bédard, Claude 1986 La traduction technique, Chapters 4 and 5 [on 1-day reserve at Frost]

This is still the best book in English or French about the nitty-gritty of translating technical texts and about the comprehension phase of translation. Most of the book applies to scientific translation. However, the parts about research date from before the World Wide Web, Internet email and Google.

Maillot, Jean 1981 La traduction scientifique et technique 2e éd.

            Chapters 12 and 13 on translating the scientific and technical content of literary works

Pinchuck, Isadore 1977 Scientific and Technical Translation

            Chapters 1, 11, 14...; all examples are German to English.

Sykes, J.B. 1971 Technical Translator’s Manual




Olohan, Maeve 2019 ‘Scientific Translation’, in Mona Baker and Gabriela Saldanha (eds)

Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies 3rd ed., 510-514.

Olohan, Maeve. 2018. “A Practice-Theory Analysis of Scientific Editing by Translators”. Alif: Journal of   Comparative Poetics 38: 298– 328.  

Robichaud, David 2017 "Political Philosophy and Scientific Translation: when individual interest does not

                   translate into collective benefits" in Translation and Public Policy

Ralph Krüger 2016 "The textual degree of technicality as a potential factor influencing the occurrence of

                   explicitation in scientific and technical translation" Journal of Specialised Translation 26  

Olohan, Maeve 2013 ‘Scientific and Technical Translation’, in Francesca Bartrina and Carmen Millan Valera (eds)

             Routledge Handbook of Translation Studies, 425-37.

Krein-Kühle, Monika 2011, ‘Laying the Foundations for Scientific and Technical Translation’, review of Rudolf

Jumpelt 1961 Die Übersetzung naturwissenschaftlicher und technischer Literatur, The Translator 17:2.

Franco Aixelá,  Javier 2009 ‘ An overview of interference in scientific and technical translation’, Journal of Specialised

             Translation 11,

Montgomery, Scott 2009 ‘English and Science: realities and issues for translation in the age of an expanding

lingua franca’ Journal of Specialised Translation 11,

Franco Aixelá,  Javier 2004 ‘The Study of Technical and Scientific Translation: An Examination of its Historical

            Development’, Journal of Specialised Translation 1 

Hervey, Sandor & Ian Higgins 2002, ‘Scientific and technical translation’, Chapter 12 of Thinking French

            Translation 2nd ed.


Issues of journals


Sciences en traduction / Sciences in Translation = Meta 61, 2016

Science in Translation = The Translator 17:2, 2011

Journal of Specialised Translation 11, 2009

Circuit 84, 2004 Sciences et traduction

Circuit 56, 1997 La traduction technique



D. Understanding the Source Text


Rochard, Michel 2007 ‘La rétroconception entre compréhension et ré-expression des textes économiques’ in Élisabeth

             Lavault-Olléon (ed), Traduction spécialisée: pratiques, theories, formations.

Gile, Daniel 1995  ‘Comprehension in Interpretation and Translation’  Chapter 4 of Basic

Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator Training, especially section 3.

Durieux, Christine 1988 Fondement didactique de la traduction technique, chapter 3.1 on comprehension.

            [on 1-day reserve at Frost]

Gile, Daniel 1986 “La Traduction médicale doit-elle être réservée aux seuls traducteurs-médecins?” Meta 31:1.

Gile, Daniel 1986 “La Compréhension des énoncés spécialisés chez le traducteur” in Meta 31:4. 


E. Translation and Scientific Communication

(browsing: Q 223-225)


Gordin, Michael 2015 Scientific Babel: how science was done before and after global English

Montgomery, Scott 2013 Does Science Need a Global Language?

Byrne, Jody 2006 Technical Translation: Usability Strategies for Translating Technical Documentation, Chapter 1.

Ammon, Ulrich 2001 The dominance of English as a language of science: effects on other languages and language

             communities [collection of articles, including one by Martel on English in Quebec science]

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             Functional and Systemic Linguistics: Approaches and Uses

Large, J.A. 1983 The Foreign Language Barrier: problems in scientific communication

            Communication of science before the Internet age.


                                         F. Language, Rhetoric and Ideology of Scientific Texts


Suau-Jiménez, Francisca 2010 ‘Metadiscursive elements in the translation of scientific texts’ in Linguistic and

            Translation Studies in Scientific Communication.

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             scientifiqueMeta 51:1

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             English and French publications and TV documentaries” in Journal of Specialised Translation 3


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            [ch.2; ignore the short section on translation p. 206ff]

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(Nov-Dec issue)

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 G. Specialized and Literary Translation Compared


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H. History of Scientific Translation


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