Research Skills and Professional Development


As a graduate student in the Stutchbury lab you will learn skills in research and experimental design, science writing, and oral communication.  Dr. Stutchbury has published over 100 research articles and 3 books, and provides detailed feedback on writing and seminars.  Weekly lab meetings encourage critical thinking and a view of the behind-the-scenes of science and publishing. Students receive support to attend one national/international conference per year. In addition, the graduate program requirements also foster skill development through course work, progress reports, and seminars.


MSc students in Biology at York U must take 6 credits of course work, which includes a mandatory 1.5 credit "Critical Skills in Ecology and Evolution" course.  The emphasis here is to develop skills in developing research questions and communicating in writing and orally.  Other courses available include Biostatistics (3.0 credits) and Conservation Biology (1.5 credits).


PhD students in Biology at York U typically do not take graduate courses but may do so if they need to fill gaps in their knowledge and skills.


All students must undergo a formal research progress evaluation in April, which includes a written report and oral presentation to their supervisory committee. Students also must present in the Graduate Seminar Series.


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