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J. Scott MacIvor

Ph.D. Candidate, York University
M.Sc. in Biology, Saint Mary's University
Honours B.Sc. in Ecology, Plant Biology, Guelph
Email: jsmacivor@gmail.com

Research Interests

My work investigates the ecological networks of bees and wasps in urban and disturbed landscapes. I am interested in how species, both native and not, assemble in urban areas, and why biodiversity matters in human dominated landscapes. In my PhD, I use nest boxes to study cavity-nesting aculeates, their parasites, pollen loads, and prey to understand how landscape and local factors influence species and functional trait diversity, as well as ecosystem functions such as pollination and pest control. The project involves over 200 participants in Toronto and the surrounding region, each hosting a nest box that is collected each year and the contents reared and identified. We employ many different techniques both in the field and in lab to examine the diverse data we retrieve from the nest boxes. If you'd like to know more about the project, please contact wildbeestoronto@gmail.com for more information.

My research interests also include ecological engineering and the role of biodiversity in enhancing the performance and persistence of novel habitat and landscape. My work in this capacity on green roofs can be found here.


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Conference Proceedings

  • MacIvor, J.S. (2013) Height limits value of green roofs as nesting habitat. Proceedings of the 11th North American Green Roof Conference, San Francisco, CA. The Cardinal Group, Toronto.
  • MacIvor, J.S. (2011) Green roofs as habitat for wild and managed bees in cities. Proceedings of the 9th North American Green Roof Conference. Philadelphia, PA. The Cardinal Group, Toronto.
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  • Lundholm, J.T., MacIvor, J.S. (2010) Plant mixtures vs. monocultures on extensive green roofs. Proceedings of the 8th North American Green Roof Conference, Vancouver, BC. The Cardinal Group, Toronto.

Other Work

  • Torrance, S., Bass, B., MacIvor, J.S., McGlade, T. (2012) Best Practices for Promoting Biodiversity in Green Roof Design and Construction. Toronto City Planning, City of Toronto. Link
  • MacIvor, J. S. (2011) Design Strategies For Wild Bees. Living Architecture Monitor, Residential Issue: Summer 2011. Link
  • MacIvor, J. S., Lundholm, J. T., Leung, M., Karkairan, D., and Keenan, A. (2009). Nova Scotia Green Roof Policy Manual. Link

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