Recent News

2015/07/22: If you encounter any issues with the new website (besides a handful of missing gallery images), please contact Jonathan at

2014/11/24: Boss gives presentation on bees in London, Ontario, attended by ~300 people, in support of the municipal government's attempt to make London a pollinator friendly city.

2014/09/11: In a research article recently published in the journal Zootaxa, Sheila Dumesh described the world's 20 000th bee species as part of a revision (of the genus Mexalictus), including a total of 21 new species.

2014/08/2014: A very busy day, Sophie Cardinal from the CNC visits, Margarita Miklasevskaja defends her honours thesis very successfully and we have another lab party in which only a single glass is broken.

Old News

2014/07/26: Alumnus Jason Gibbs and Lab member Sheila Dumesh publish a new species, named Lasioglossum hienae, named after another lab member Hien Ngo.

2014/07/25: Christo and Jean-Claude redecorate the lab in a manner aimed at preventing roof-leak-damage.

2014/07/17: Rocio Gonzalez-Vaquero's last day in the laboratory after 4 months of studying Corynura.

2014/07/12: Another lab. party; for a change, no furniture or drinks glasses were broken.

2014/07/10: Armando Ponte is one of two winners of the 2012-2013 AGSBS Dean's Honours Thesis Award "for an outstanding thesis report and oral defence." WELL DONE ARMANDO.

2014/07/08-11: Cory Sheffield visits from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, identifies lots of bees from various Canadian locations.

2014/06/17: Gibbs, Packer, Dumesh and Danforth publish a revision of the subgenera Evylaeus, Hemihalictus and Sphecodogastra of eastern North America.

2014/06/14: Visiting scientist Rocio Gonzalez-Vaquero publishes, with her supervisor Arturo Roig-Alsina, a revision of the halictine genus Caenohalictus from Patagonian Argentina, with the description of a new species.

2014/06/09: Boss takes a week off from the University and helps his oldest daughter (a biodiversity technician at Cape Breton Highlands National Park) purchase three piglets and build a 300m2 greenhouse.

2014/06/04: Scott MacIvor and honours thesis student Jennifer Cabral publish paper on host plant use by two species of Osmia - the native O. pumilla and the introduced O. caerulescens, in the GTA.

2014/05/21: Natalia Veiga successfully defends her Masters thesis. WELL DONE NATALIA.

2014/05/09: Spencer Monckton and James Postlethwaite return from an eventful field trip in Chile. Already at least two new species have been discovered among their samples.

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